Friday, September 28, 2007

#23 Summary

Although I have griped throughout, I really enjoyed this project. I would use this method of learning again as long as the expectations were a little more reasonable. The amount of time to finish was too short and created undue pressure (especially since it was summer and vacations get in the way). The expectation that each week's actities would only take a half an hour was totally unrealistic and again created undue stress.
As usual for BCPL, everything is a team effort. If it weren't for other staff, I would not have been able to figure out some of the lessons. Similarly I actually was able to help co-workers when they got stuck(even younger more savvy co-workers). It's a wonderful feeling to know that we can always count on each other to get us through things.
My favorites were Flickr and Wikis. Flickr is more social and Wikis will be great for work.
I really appreciated the weekly e-mails and would have loved more comments, but understand that the numbers were overwhelming.

#22 Audiobooks

I went to Overdrive and searched for a number of authors, Jan Karon, Joe Flynn and they didn't have anything. However, they did have a Margaret Maron so I checked it out. I have no intention of downloading it because I don't like to listen to things. I always lose track of the story when I am distracted by something else. Looked also at Project Gutenburg. I had actually looked at it when it was in its infancy. It's much nicer now with a whole lot more titles. Did listen to the tutorial on NetLibrary, but we no longer have it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

#21 Podcasts

I am amazed that the current generation is willing to just listen like old time radio. Had trouble at so moved onto Found the Three Wine Guys which is okay even if their language gets a little rough. I will try get a RSS of their show to my blog. Here goes. Well s usual I cannot get it to work. I even subscribed and can find a place that mentions RSS, but when I copy the code and post it to my blog it says it's invaild. Please help me out here or give a place for easy copying to RSS.

Friday, September 14, 2007

#20 YouTube

I had hoped to add a video of cats naturally, but I found them to be offensive. I don't like to see animals in situations that could be dangerous. So I switched to music and after looking at a Pink Floyd video typed in Jethro Tull. I like history and this is from my past. Hope you enjoy "Living in the Past".

#19 Web 2.0 Award List

I checked out two of the listings. The first one was under books at I could probablely get lost in there. I searched for childhood titles that I would love to own only to find out that Mr. Apple's Family cost $86. I also looked at the games sight Afterward the popups would not go away, so I will avoid that sight.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#18 Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer
So far this is an easy exercise. I have started going through the tools arranged above the document that I am creating. The special character tool is easy to use. What is an anchor? When do you use it? I also don't know when I would use superscript or subscript. I am now trying to figure out how to post this to my blog. So far, my attempts have not been successful. This is where the frustration experienced through out the project starts to take it's toll. I have tried going to "publish" and "blog", but that seems to require yet another blog account. So I tried "export" but cannot figure out how to get to my blog.
Well now that I have copied it as a word document and pasted it it is here, but not in the format I typed it. So much for easy use.

#17 Sandbox Wiki

Was moving right along until it came time to add my blog to the Maryland Libraries Sandbox. With a little help from Chickensamuck, I created a space for my title on the BCPL part of the Wiki and the rest was easy. However, I had no clue that I needed to place it in order to get it there. I like the idea of Wikis. Most of the other things we have looked at have been more social oriented, but this has lots of work related applications. In discussing the Collection Blog today in a Librarians' meeting I realized that a Wiki would be better for its purposes. Until this program, I would never have known the difference or made the connection.